Youngest Washburn School of Law graduate earns law degree at the age of 19

The youngest graduate in Washburn University School of Law’s history received his degree Friday night.

Among the nearly 400 students graduating from Washburn University Friday night, Braxton Moral walked across the stage to earn his school of law degree at the age of 19.

“I didn’t necessarily focus on what was going to be the end goal when I was starting, it was kind of like an interest thing, bored, let’s see what I can do. but as I got further along, I feel like it’s the next logical sense so it’s exciting to achieve that step,” Moral explained.

Moral says at the age of 17, he was able to finish high school and his undergrad years in 2019.

“So law school is typically 3 and then I just shaved off half a year, I got through high school and undergrad at the same time at that enabled me to come here at 17 in August 2019,” Moral continued. “From there, I did 2 and a half years which essentially, take a couple of summer courses, and your there and they were super supportive so I couldn’t be happier to be here and more thankful.”

Moral says he first attended Harvard University to pursue his law degree, then he made a transition into becoming an Ichabod,

Though the journey wasn’t easy, he says Washburn University helped him to achieve his dreams,

“So Harvard offered this program called the extension school which essentially allows for nontraditional students to go, which is mainly online so I only had to go a couple of summers, and that permits someone, needless as Kansas to be anywhere in the world,” Moral said.

“After the first semester I was kind of just figuring things out but as I got into the grove and devoted myself to it, and I realized that they were accommodating anything a student wishes, so that made it a lot easier,” he added.

He says anyone is capable to achieve anything, no matter their age, “do your research and know-how to study, more importantly, that’s a skill above all else and I think by learning that you can set yourself up for success.”

Braxton is from Ulysses, KS. He says he plans to focus on getting ready to take the bar exam in February.