You Will Take Your Medicine ! Lawtel Migration To Westlaw Sounds Like A Bit Of A Disaster

It’s the old plus ca change when one of the big two integrate a new company into their system .. the press releases are full of promise the reality is always a bit different and if anybody says they don’t like it,  it is wall of silence time.

It makes HOB feel quite nostalgic as it twas ever the same..


Here’s what one librarian says and it


Is anyone else experiencing problems with the Lawtel migration to Westlaw? We are enduring countless problems including broken links, calculators yet to be migrated, removal of calculators and huge issues around alerts L.

I would be interested in hearing if any firms were actually involved in testing these changes? I was told the missing calculators were not popular and there are no plans to reinstate them. As big users of Lawtel, I am disappointed in the general lack of discussion and poor notice around all of these changes.

The Westlaw replacement is very unpopular with my clinical negligence team and we are already looking at alternative suppliers for this content.