You Must Be Sick If You Don’t Support Our Great Leader

This story is getting a little scary……  We reported on lawyer, Ravi earlier in the week. He  intends to stand against incumbents in the next Singaporean general election.

It’s amazing how quickly his bi-polar condition ( if indeed he even has one) has become a reason to  essentially send him to Coventry for perpetuity.


Channel News Asia reports

SINGAPORE: The Law Society of Singapore said its decision to withdraw lawyer M Ravi as a speaker at a conference scheduled for Feb 27 was due to his “current medical condition”.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday (Feb 18), the Law Society said: “Given the proximity of the conference, coupled with these concerns, which include his current medical condition, the effectiveness of his medical regime, and the workability of his monitoring system, the Council is of the view that it cannot responsibly continue to include him as a panellist in our Conference”.

The lawyer was scheduled to appear on two panels at the Administrative and Constitutional Law Conference 2015.

Mr Ravi had sent an email earlier on Wednesday alerting the media to his withdrawal from the panel and highlighting the society’s “oppressive and derogatory treatment of its fellow member who is supposed to be treated with care and concern as he is allegedly in relapse of his illness”.

He noted that his doctor had not certified him unfit for practice, even though the Law Society had ordered him to stop his law practice earlier this month.

Said the Law Society: “In July 2014, the Law Society invited Mr M Ravi to be a panellist at the Conference. At this point, the Law Society had no information suggesting that there would be any concerns regarding Mr Ravi’s participation. However, as has been widely publicised, the Council of the Law Society recently received information relating to his medical condition.

“The council accordingly notified Mr Ravi of the council’s decision to withdraw Mr Ravi as a panellist at the conference. The decision was not taken arbitrarily and Mr Ravi was informed of the grounds of Council’s decision.

“The Council has a duty to protect the integrity of the profession as well as the events that it organises. We owe a duty to the participants at our conferences. All available information, including that already in the public domain, has been considered before coming to this decision.”