Yes It’s True! “Man accused of breaking into several homes to steal women’s sex toys he intended to give away as birthday gifts”

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Rhode Island man is facing several felony charges after allegedly breaking into a series of homes to steal women’s sex toys that he planned to give away as a birthday gift, police say.

Benjamin Nadrowski, 32, hails from Tiverton in the Plantation State – in Newport County and across the Atlantic waters northeast of Portsmouth.

The defendant currently stands accused of two counts each of entry of a building or ship with felonious intent and attempted breaking and entering, according to court records reviewed by Law&Crime.

A police report obtained by local CBS/MyNetworkTV affiliate WPRI alleges that on June 2, a man reported how he had fended off a would-be intruder attempting to break in through a window at a residence on Power Street. When the homeowner confronted the man – who he described as a white male with blonde hair – standing on a chair outside a bedroom, he told police, the attempted burglar said he had the wrong house, apologized, and left in a white Kia.

While the homeowner was getting ready for bed at the time of the unwanted visitor’s appearance, he was apparently spooked enough to stay up. Roughly an hour later, he saw the same white Kia at a nearby intersection with the doors open – and promptly called the police.

This time, police confronted the man, identified as Nadrowski, going through a dumpster with a flashlight, and he was taken into custody – allegedly telling investigators that he was in the area looking for things discarded by college students because of the time of the year.

Responding officers then asked him about the Power Street incident, and he allegedly replied that he was trying “to buy weed” but made a mistake regarding the location of his drug dealer’s house.

Seemingly unconvinced, law enforcement quizzed the detained man about recent break-ins in the area. Nadrowski allegedly admitted to three such incidents – saying he broke into a residence on Armstrong Street and stole a “sex toy.” The defendant allegedly admitted to doing the same thing at an apartment on Furnace Street – pilfering two sex toys from two separate rooms.

As for the third break-in, Nadrowski allegedly told Providence police that he tried to steal a palette of women’s makeup but dropped it when he was caught blush-handed by a female tenant.

The defendant allegedly told police he did not steal anything of value. And law enforcement has not charged him with theft.

On Tuesday, Nadrowski appeared in the 6th Division Circuit Court in Providence, where he was arraigned by Judge Melissa DuBose. No plea was entered, but the defendant was assessed bail at $2,500 with a surety for the breaking and entering charges and $5,000 personal recognizance for the attempted breaking and entering charges.

The defendant was able to quickly make bail – subject to conditions that he stay away from all of the residences he allegedly broke into and submit to a mental health evaluation, WPRI reports.


Man accused of breaking into several homes to steal women’s sex toys he intended to give away as birthday gifts