Ye Has Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed From Former Assistant

The (formerly Kanye West) is facing a lawsuit from his former assistant over allegations of sexual harassment and wrongful termination, including claims that he masturbated in front of her.

In a complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles court, Lauren Pisciotta claims that she faced a “systematic” onslaught of “unlawful harassment” during her year of working for the embattled rapper, first as an executive assistant and later as chief of staff for his companies.

Pisciotta says Ye frequently sent her sexually explicit texts, including photos and videos of him having sex with other women, and that he repeatedly propositioned her for sex.

“Defendant would often tell plaintiff that he always wanted to have sex with her, and that he held these feelings for a very long time,” Pisciotta’s lawyers write. “Defendant also falsely boasted that he had sex with plaintiff or would insinuate to his friends, business partners and music and fashion collaborators that he was having sex with plaintiff.”

In one particularly graphic allegation, Pisciotta claims that Ye locked her in a room during a private jet flight and laid down in a bed in front of her: “Plaintiff sat in a chair across from defendant; he masturbated under the covers until he fell asleep. Plaintiff was unable to leave as the door had locked and jammed behind her.”