Work-Related Injury Claims: What You Must Know



Every employer is morally, as well as, legally bound to offer their employees a safe working environment. Especially, for professions that involve higher risks at the workplace.

For example, rig workers are constantly exposed to risks of fire and explosion. And likewise, the rigs must have quick exit plans and fire extinguishing equipment.

However, no matter how hard the employers may try to make their place of work safer, there are always imminent risks of accidents. Some accidents are employees’ fault while others might be because of the negligence of the employer.

It is very important to establish the cause of the accident if compensation is to be sought for work-related injuries.

Personal injury law plays a big part in the US legal system and you’ll be able to access personal injury lawyers to act for you all over the country whether it be a  los angeles personal injury lawyer on the west coast or a NY personal injury lawyer on the east coast.

Perhaps, in this article, we will be discussing why it is important, along with some other things that should be considered.


Establishing the cause of the accident

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a work-related injury should either arise out of employment or during the course of employment. Establishing the fact that an injury is work-related is one of the trickiest parts.

Perhaps, seeking help from medical experts and legal attorneys for the same might be indispensable. As the experts mention here,, there are benefits to help with the recovery, but they don’t cover all the losses. Thus, establishing the cause of the accident becomes all the more important.


The extent of work-related injury

Apart from establishing the cause of injury, it is also important to estimate the extent of it. For example, some injuries are short-termed, while others may last a lifetime.

When filing for a personal injury claim for work-related accidents, the extent of the injury can drastically affect the compensation received.

To put this into perspective, a long term injury would mean higher financial losses, along with physical and mental trauma. It would further include loss of income, inability for employment, and so on.


Employees’ Rights

As already mentioned, every employer is legally bound to provide their employees with a safe place to work. If they fail to do so, there are some serious repercussions.

Moreover, this legal binding also rewards the employees with some standard rights. These include, right to workers’ compensation, employee health insurance, and so on. In addition to this, if disabled, either permanently or temporarily, the employees have a right to receive disability compensation as well.

While understanding the rights to receive compensation are pretty obvious, the employees also have a right to deny the compensation they receive. This usually happens when the compensation offered is insufficient. And likewise, the employees can seek legal assistance from the court.

Seeking compensation for a work-related injury can be pretty complex at times. Thus, as already mentioned, it is always better to seek professional assistance for the same. However, when looking for an attorney to represent your case, it is better to seek advice from your friends and family. After all, you’d only need the best lawyer to represent your case, if you wish to receive your rightful compensation.