Women-only nude spa lawyer accuses trans activist of ‘malignant intent,’ trying to ‘destroy’ business

A trans activist who accused a women-only nude spa of discrimination had “malignant intent” when she made her gripe — because it came months before she underwent sex reassignment surgery, a lawyer for the business claimed.

Tracy Tribbett, who is representing Olympus Spa in Washington State, ripped Haven Wilvich for filing a complaint with the state’s human rights commission after she was denied entry to the business.

“A person who is … months away from gender reassignment surgery who complains and tries to ruin and destroy this business, that’s harmful, if not, malignant intent,” Tribbett told The Lynnwood Times.

Wilvich, a transgender woman, claimed she had visited the spa with friends in January 2020 but denied entry because she still had male genitalia.

A month later, she filed her complaint against the spa in Lynwood, Wash., about 30 minutes north of Seattle.

The spa has always had a policy of accepting trans women who have had sexual reassignment surgery, Tribbet said.

“Olympus Spa is not open to the public, nor has it ever been. The spa discriminates against men and it discriminates against those under the age of 13,” she told The Daily Mail. “This is different from other cases, like a cake-baking shop or a flower shop.

“What we seem to have here is an activist trolling online to find different businesses that might not be complying with what they perceive to be the law,” Tribbett added.