Will Modi’s Instructions To Indian Law Ministry To Prepare Draft Notifications To Let Foreign Law Firms Practice In India Actually Come To Fruition

Now Modi is involved in this 10 + years discussion, maybe something will happen.
Then again maybe not
Although we are already reading only 24 hours after the announcement,  even he’s getting push back from sectors of the Indian legal profession.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has instructed the Law Ministry and Commerce Ministry to allow the liberalisation of the legal market, and to submit a draft notification in four weeks.

The Indian Economic Times 
 I consider the fact that foreign law firms have so far been obstructed from setting up practice in India to be one of the most unfortunate ways in which certain members of my fraternity have created a scare to preserve their turfs, I am sorry to say. First of all let us be clear what do you mean by saying foreign law firms practising in India, the impression given to the common lawyer who then gets upset is that you will have English and American and German and Fr ..

and a video report from the Bangalore Mirror
Will pushback start in the ministry or is it now just confined to the protectionist state bar associations. As they say… it’s going to be a bunfight.