Wigetry On Practice Source

Apologies.. "Widgetry" probably doesn’t feature in the OED….

A very short note to alert you to a new widget in the right hand margin of the  Practice Source   entry page.

We are working with the new Australian law firm search engine fie fie foe firm  which provides a simple google type search interface to law firms and their content worldwide

The widget allows users to search without leaving the host page.

If any readers are interested in a widget for their blog, website, intranet etc please don’t hesitate to contact us using the practice source email service

There are a range of standardized widgets and if you would like a customized one for your organisation these can be created for a small fee.

The site is generating a lot of interest and we hope soon to announce a couple of very interesting law firm content deals that will allow users to access an unprecedented amount of law firm content.

Sorry HOB sounds a bit like an infomercial ..