Wichita lawyer among those working to help Afghan allies

Great to see…

James Thompson, a Wichita lawyer and veteran said it’s about commitment to Afghans who supported U.S. forces and saving their lives.

“It’s pretty dire at this point, Thompson said.

He said with the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan, it’s complicating the effort to get two families the visas they need in just a few days. It’s a process that usually takes several months to a year.

“Immigration lawyer who specializes in this law and she’s a retired military colonel as well and her words to me where if they don’t already have their SIV (Special Immigration Visa) because of everything collapsing there, they’re probably S.O.L., was the language she used,” he said.

He said it’s “morally incumbent” upon Americans “to help those who helped us.”

In Wichita, Thompson is working to make that happen after a fellow veteran and National Guard member reached out on behalf of their Afghan interpreters. It’s after they exhausted other efforts.

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