Why Medical Treatment Right After A Car Accident Is A Legal Necessity

A sudden car accident often leaves the victims shocked. You may even overlook your physical injuries if there is no immediate pain or visible wounds. But you may still be seriously hurt, with underlying injuries such as internal bleeding, concussions, and organ damage. The best way to address these risks is by seeking medical care right after the accident. Time is valuable, and every minute counts when it comes to recovering from injuries. Acting fast can save your life and prevent dire complications if the injuries are severe. Moreover, it is vital from the legal perspective because timely treatment validates your personal injury claim. Let us explain why getting medical treatment right after a car accident is a legal necessity.

Delaying medical care goes on police records

Many car crash victims simply refuse medical care because they believe they are not hurt seriously. It is easy to overlook minor cuts and bruises and get back to your routine after a minor mishap. But when you do it, the decision of not seeking treatment will go on police records. The officer on duty will document it in the accident report. However, you may have to see a doctor later if symptoms surface. You may even get a serious diagnosis, but changing the story makes your claim harder to prove because it does not match the report. The insurance company may use the statements against you. There are chances of ending up with a low settlement offer. Even worse, they may deny your claim stating that the medical records are fake.

Medical records serve as key evidence

Skipping medical care means missing out on the most crucial pieces of evidence that can strengthen your personal injury claim. Your initial check-up, diagnostic reports, and practitioner records lend credibility to your claim. You can call a car accident lawyer to understand the kind of records you need to obtain and maintain for adding value to your case down the line. Having them at hand enables you to negotiate better if you opt for settlement. Likewise, the evidence gives you good chances of getting a verdict in your favor for cases that go to court.

Follow-ups are equally crucial

Besides medical reports and records, follow-ups make an equally crucial element of personal injury claims. Failing to follow the doctor’s orders and care plan may hurt your claim. For example, your doctor may recommend rest and therapy for recuperation. But posting party pictures on social media indicates you are exaggerating your injuries. Similarly, missing your follow-up appointments and rehab sessions can also raise suspicion and harms your chances of claiming compensation.

Calculation of compensation value

There is no proven formula to calculate the compensation value a victim can claim for a personal injury due to someone’s negligent behavior. It has several elements such as the cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering, loss of income, and other expenses and damages. Getting medical treatment on time makes it easy to calculate an accurate value with your diagnostic, treatment, and rehab bills. Your attorney can also use these bills to validate the claim on the settlement table and in court. There is hardly a chance that the insurance company can refuse your claim when you have the bills.

Skipping treatment leads to health risks

The legal aspects of skipping medical care are daunting, but you cannot undermine the health implications of the decision. After being in a car crash, you will probably focus on the visible injuries. However, you may hardly know about the internal damages without medical supervision. Surprisingly, several life-threatening injuries may not even cause any pain initially. For example, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may not show any signs symptoms until hours or days later. But a delay in its treatment can cause permanent damage. An immediate diagnosis and care for such injuries can limit the damage and prevent serious complications in the long run. You can recover and be back on your feet to pursue a claim and get the compensation you deserve.

Medical treatment should be your top priority after a car accident. You must call an ambulance to the accident spot right away if the injuries are serious. Visiting the emergency room makes sense even if you feel fit and healthy after the mishap. It can save you from dire complications and help you claim compensation for your injuries. After all, you cannot miss out on a vital piece of evidence that can strengthen your claim and get you a step closer to the compensation you deserve for a negligent mishap.