Why Do You Need Truck Accident Lawyers and How to Hire Them?

Auto accidents involving trucks, cars, and other motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of death and concern for the Westchester County residents.

With a truck accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, you will be in a position to protect your rights and recover a percentage of the damages.

As per the reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,951 people killed and an estimated 151,000 people injured in crashes during the year 2018. In November 2021, a tractor-trailer overturned on WB I-287, near Exit 8.

Most truck drivers, in such cases, are backed by large truck companies, insurance experts, and lawyers. With their support, drivers can easily win a case by offering you minimal compensation.

So read along to know why hiring a professional lawyer to deal with truck accidents in White Plains is necessary.

Truck Driving Company Have Bigger Hold

If you or your loved one is involved in a truck collision in White Plains, you are fighting a case against the trucking company. If you plan to sue them, you need a specialist who knows this area.

Trucking companies have enough money to pay for a top lawyer to fight the case and avoid paying you for the damages. Thus, without a truck accident lawyer, it will be daunting to handle all the complex liabilities single-handedly.

For Treatment and Injuries

White Plains’ hospital treatments and bills might burn your pocket if you faced severe injuries during the truck collision.

Severe injuries and damages will need ongoing treatment and surgical facilities in a top hospital in White Plains.

With an accident lawyer, you will get the opportunity to build a stronger case and get the best claim from the trucking company to cover your medical expenses.

Trucking Laws

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the regulatory authority for trucks in the United States. These regulations will undoubtedly be a factor in your case, and under such circumstances, you will need a skilled lawyer.

A professional injury lawyer will have better knowledge of the FMCSA and know how to apply federal regulations in your case.

Moreover, they will also have in-depth knowledge of the laws applicable in Westchester County and fairly represent you in the case.

How to Hire an Expert Truck Accident Lawyer?

The Cross Westchester Expressway runs through White Plains, which runs most commercial vehicles like trucks. Crashes and other incidents involving highway motor vehicles killed 36,096 people in 2019.

Before you choose your truck accident lawyer in White Plains, NY, consider the below reasons for making an informed decision.

Look for Specific Experience

Avoid hiring the first lawyer you meet. With multiple lawyers in White Plains, choose the one specializing in truck accident cases.

This is essential because a specialized lawyer will know how to deal with complex insurance and liability issues that are part of truck accidents.

Trial Courts

The case may reach the trial court to resolve most truck accidents. Hence, you must pick a lawyer who has a background in facing trial cases.

Reputable Law Firm

Trucks are involved in between 7–8% of all traffic accidents in White Plains and the rest of NY. Hence, when planning to hire an ace lawyer in White Plains, visit law firms that have been in the industry for a long time.

Having a conversation with the lawyers will help you comprehend their ways of dealing with the case and successfully getting the compensation for their clients.

A professional law firm will have ample experience and resources in dealing with similar cases.

Final Thoughts

Truck accidents can be pretty serious in terms of finance and health. When you have suffered the damage or the death of a loved one, you may not be in the place to deal with the crisis.

Truck accident lawyers in White Plains with extensive background and agility should be your go-to option in dealing with all the legalities.