Why Choose An Immigration Expert To Guide With Italian Investor Visa

Italy is a dream destination for aspiring immigrants. You can experience a slice of European life here, with vibrant culture, an easy lifestyle, and rewarding financial opportunities. Even as the country offers several citizenship routes, each of them has rigid eligibility norms. You may not qualify for any of these routes. But the good thing is that you have to option to buy your way in with an investor visa. If you want to explore this route, here you can read everything about the Investor Visa for Italy in detail. While it is an ideal alternative, you cannot dive headfirst. The best way to do this is to have an immigration expert guide you with the process. Here are some reasons to collaborate with a seasoned professional.

Get insights into investment options

An Italian investor visa is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to start a life in Italy. But it is an investment-intensive route, where the applicant has to bring a massive sum of money to the country. While this option is best suited for people with high net worth, you have several alternatives. You can make a starting investment of €250,000 in an innovative startup or spend as much as €2 million in government bonds. There are middle paths as you can invest €500,000 in an established business or donate €1 million to a project of public welfare. Although the choice is all yours, an investor visa expert can help you weigh the risks and benefits of each alternative and pick the apt one.

Seek assistance for the paperwork

You do not require as much documentation with an investor visa as with the citizenship routes. But there is still a long checklist to follow. You will need proof of funds to validate your ability to invest in the country. These have to be available in the first step, where you have to obtain a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. Further, you will need your personal IDs, income proof, and evidence of Italian accommodation while applying for an investor visa at your consulate. An immigration expert can double-check your paperwork to ensure no omission or errors. It sets you up for fast and hassle-free approval.

Stay a step ahead with citizenship expertise

You will need an immigration expert even more if having long-term prospects in mind. An investor visa offers the opportunity to gain citizenship by naturalization eventually. But the road is long as you have to convert your temporary residence permit to permanent residence after five years in the country. Spending a decade in Italy makes you eligible for the naturalization process. The renewals and change in status require professional guidance, so ensure that help is at hand. Also, remember that you need to hold your investment throughout these phases.

An investor visa is the easiest way to land in Italy as a resident, but you have a long road to citizenship. However, collaborating with an immigration expert gives you an advantage as they help you at all stages of the journey.