Criminal law has two generic aspects: substantive criminal law and adjective or procedural criminal law. The former regulates certain conducts (crimes), which endanger or damage certain legal assets that must be protected and establishes the consequences (penalties), in the event that these conducts are carried out, while the latter establishes the assumptions and conditions for the specific application of these penalties, which are a reflection of the punitive power of the State.

A criminal defence lawyer must be able to deal fluently with the two areas mentioned above, since it is just as important to know the offences and the elements that make them up as it is to know the procedure to be followed for the investigation and prosecution of these offences.

A lawyer practising criminal law must have certain skills to be considered one of the best in his or her field, namely: experience, knowledge and continuous training, communication and writing skills, as well as being surrounded by a team of professionals who are experts in the field.

The choice of lawyer in criminal proceedings can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

The lawyers who appear in this ranking as the best criminal lawyers in Spain meet each and every one of the above requirements, standing out in the practice of criminal law in Spain.

Chabaneix Lawyers

Chabaneix is a law firm specialising in criminal law founded by Luis Chabaneix more than 15 years ago. It has a broad international outlook, offering legal advice not only in Spanish but also in English, French, Italian and Russian.

Chabaneix criminal lawyers are experts in economic criminal law. On its website you can consult numerous successful cases in which it has been involved, some with notorious media relevance such as the Emperador Case, the Tándem Operation, the Morodo Case, the Púnica Case and many others. They specialise specifically in criminal cases before the Audiencia Nacional. Some of the best lawyers in Madrid work in this office and they also are experts in extradition cases.

The office is located in Madrid’s Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 59.

Bufete Choclán: a benchmark in economic criminal law

The Choclán Abogados team is among the most prestigious in Spain. The founding partner, José Antonio Choclán Montalvo, has been a career magistrate by competitive examination for many years, becoming a magistrate of the Criminal Chamber of the Audiencia Nacional (National High Court).

The firm of criminal lawyers opened its doors in 2004 and is dedicated to individual and corporate criminal defence. Their strategy is based on close monitoring of the cases from the beginning to the end. Money laundering, fraud, corruption offences, among many others are their fields of activity.

Morales Criminal Lawyers

Fermín Morales Prats heads the firm, which has some of the best criminal lawyers in Barcelona. The Best Lawyers directory has rewarded the work of this team in the field of criminal law.

Its services include preventive advice to companies. In addition to the above, they have extensive experience in the preparation of specialised criminal opinions.

Oliva-Ayala Abogados: a classic in criminal law

The Oliva-Ayala firm is exclusive in the criminal field with a large team of professionals specialised in the most complex criminal proceedings. They offer direct, personalised assistance with the most in-depth technical knowledge for all types of private and corporate defence.

Ignacio Ayala Gómez is one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain and one of the classics in court. With a strong presence in seminars, professorships and in the representation of celebrities and politicians. In addition, he is one of those chosen by Google Spain for the legal management of its company.

Molins & Parés: recognised voices in Criminal Compliance

Managing partner Marc Molins i Raich is one of the most prestigious voices in criminal law in Spain. He is one of the best criminal lawyers specialising in Criminal Compliance and Criminal Procedural Law. In addition to his recognised success cases during his vast career, he is endorsed by his continuous training and his teaching contribution to the new generations of lawyers.

With the reforms in the area of corporate criminal liability, they have become undisputed benchmark lawyers. Their advice consists of preventive and reactive actions in corporate crimes.

Bastida-Romero & Sepúlveda: a growing firm

This law firm Bastida-Romero & Sepúlveda is located in Seville and has a team of four lawyers who specialise in different branches of law. Margarita Romero Crespo is the professional with a doctorate in Criminal Law awarded as the best criminal lawyer in Seville by Best Lawyers in 2.019.

The firm is characterised by offering guarantees in criminal defence or prosecution. Personalised attention, with rigorous technicality. From a one-off consultation to the most complex cases are followed with the same responsibility and commitment.

CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo

Carlos Aguilar Fernández is one of the partners of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo who has earned a place among the best criminal lawyers. In recent years he has carried out important work as a consultant in criminal compliance systems.

Economic criminal law is the field of action in which he has obtained the greatest recognition. CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo is an international firm with a presence in more than 40 countries. The firm’s large number of collaborating lawyers can respond to all kinds of needs, particularly in the corporate field.

Martell Abogados: the best criminal lawyers in corruption

Martell Abogados is based in Barcelona, and from there it has a nationwide reach. Lawyer Cristóbal Martell Pérez-Alcalde is one of the best in corruption offences. His specialisation and successful cases have made him one of the most sought after in Spain.

In the last decade he has been part of the list of best lawyers published by Best Lawyers. To the general public he may be better known as Messi’s lawyer. The firm also offers services in other fields of law.