White Book Sections Go Missing

Post to LIS LAW this week suggests that

Westlaw in the UK are trying to draw subscribers away from the print version of the White Book … draw your own conclusions but we’d suggest they are looking for ways to generate more revenue from subscribers by segmenting information supply

Here’s the post

We are getting enquiries from members about the sections in Volume 2 of the White Book which have been removed. These are indicated by a little mouse symbol in the margin, with a added note stating that the text and commentary are only available on Westlaw UK and the Civil Procedure CD. Both of which you have to subscribe to.

My concern is that of preservation. We have a complete set of the White Books, in all their guises, going back to 1882, which get used on a regular basis. In future years, we won’t be able to supply members with the missing text.

Would anyone who subscribes to the Civil Procedure CD (not the FORMS CD, which we have), be willing to let us have it once it gets replaced by the next CD? This means we won’t have gaps in our collection for members in another 100 years time.

Then we’ll tackle the copyright issues, and my future self will be left with the obsolete technology problem. Nightmare!!!