White & Case Bangkok Office Will Have To Fend For Themselves As “Preferred Provider”

According to a report we’ve just read on the Lawyer.com (UK) Newsletter  US firm who announced job losses earlier in the week are also..

Exiting their Bangkok office.


The (UK) Lawyer write in their newsletter….


Q. When is three per cent not three per cent?
A. When it is a statistic produced by White & Case.

Yesterday, we discovered that White & Case is laying off, ahem, three per cent of its global workforce. Today, we discovered that White & Case is closing its Bangkok office. The two events are not linked, apparently.

But White & Case seems to have fallen victim to its own spin. It has indeed laid off three per cent of its global workforce. But plumb down deeper and where is that three per cent being laid off? In the US.

So the firm has made 70 associates and 90 staff in the US redundant. That equates to nine per cent of its US workforce. That’s quite a lot more than three. Oh, the 70 associates account for almost 13 per cent of its US associate numbers.

They’re also in consultation with "around two per cent" of their 620-strong London workforce. That works out as 12 people using our calculator. White & Case’s calculator says "around 10". Hey, what’s the difference? Probably quite a lot if you’re one of those two people.


At the Lawyer website. The story reads thus:


White & Case is set to close its third office in less than a month as Thailand follows departures from Italy and the German city of Dresden.

White & Case is pulling out of Thailand and letting its Bangkok office relaunch itself as a 58-lawyer independent firm.
The departure from Thailand follows the closure of the firm’s offices in Dresden and Milan during the last month.

A firm spokesman said: "They’re all very different scenarios and they’re not linked. They’re independent decisions based on local factors. It’s a reflection of the fact that a lot of the business is domestic."

The decision to split from Bangkok follows discussions between White & Case’s global management and the leadership of the Bangkok office. White & Case’s office in Bangkok will become a separate legal entity named Weerawong Chinnavat & Peangpanor, which will work with White & Case on a "preferred provider" basis from January 2009. It will be headed by three partners from the current Bangkok office and staffed by the White & Case Bangkok team.

Unsurprisingly no bad news on White & Cases’ news page


And the Bangkok Office page is still up


Here’s their list of  current practitioners who will be affected by the changes..


Arunsurat, Visitsak     Associate    
Bhanavavatana, Vasuthep     Associate    
Boonklum, Peangpanor     Partner    
Buranasin, Pathamakorn     Associate    
Chaikajornwat, Sunyaluck     Associate    
Chainit, Somsila     Associate  
Chinkarn, Wiriya     Associate    
Chinsangaram, Chinnavat     Partner    
Chittmittrapap, Weerawong     Partner    
Chotpitayasunon, Ekachai     Associate    
Chuenchomlada, Trinuch     Associate    
Corr, Christopher F.     Partner     Beijing, Bangkok, Washington, DC
Dejchaiyasak, Phisit     Local Partner    
Duangpanyasawang, Assadayut     Associate    
Hemara, Arthit     Associate    
Intarasupa, Chalermchai     Associate    
Jiamboonsri, Kreangkri     Associate   
Jiraboonsri, Bongkarn     Associate    
Jirasatapananon, Aimsarin     Associate   
Kirdsinsap, Suntus     Associate    
Klinboon, Yaowarote     Associate   
Krairiksh, Busaba 1      International Trade Analyst    
Krea-ngam, Vichya     Associate    
Krootdaecha, Piya     Associate    
Laohaganniyom, Kallaya     Associate   
Leosakul, Parardorn     Associate   
Limsiripothong, Sakchai     Associate    
Manduang, Seree     Associate    
Mingviriya, Tuangrat     Associate    
Mullijarupongs, Ravipat     Associate    
Nanakorn, Kulachet     Local Partner    
Nipanutiyun, Solos     Associate    
Nitsupharp, Teerasard     Associate    
Padungchewit, Dome     Associate    
Paknara, Pakdee     Local Partner    
Phimkitidej, Kosin     Associate
Phoowanich, Prasittichai     Associate    
Phungmaha, Ajaree     Associate   
Pranutnorapal, Natthida     Associate   
Prasartmongkhon, Pongphon     Associate   
Santingamkul, Apichit     Associate   
Schooneman, Troy     Local Partner    
Singhaphan, Teeratorn     Associate    
Sirachadapong, Jitlada     Associate    
Siwarapornskul, Sayam     Associate    
Srisakornborisut, Wilairat     Associate    
Sukhumananda, Kudun     Associate    
Tangsripairoje, Jongtip     Associate    
Thongpakdee, Chinnavat     Partner   
Towongchuen, Pathorn     Associate    
Trakulmanenate, Chatri     Local Partner   
Trutasnawint, Linda 1      International Trade Analyst    
Wibuloutai, Sahachai     Associate 
Winiyakul, Niruch     Associate    
Wongswangsiri, Warathon     Associate    

1   Professional Advisor, not engaged in the practice of law