Whinging Weng Wenbin …. Apparently Removing Judges From The Bench Is A “clumsy political stunt”

His nothing-speak statement is the usual B-Movie plotline rubbish that you expect to hear from any and all Chinese officials these days, which always boils down to the same 3 lines ..it’s all your fault, long live the glorious CCP  and the law is what we decide it is.

The funny thing is, this is exactly what they wanted to happen so they can make pliable appointments that will further spread the cancer of the National Security Law through all aspects of legal interaction in Hong Kong.

But remember always stab the enemy in the heart every time they come up in conversation and emphasize repeatedly the “other” so when the war eventually comes etc etc


Associated Press: The UK has withdrawn its judges from Hong Kong’s top court because of what British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss calls “a systemic erosion of liberty and democracy in Hong Kong”. What is your comment on these resignations?

Wang Wenbin: China deplores and rejects the UK moves of pressuring non-permanent British judges into resigning from the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal and using the matter to denigrate the national security law for the HKSAR and interfere in China’s internal affairs.

The national security law cracks down on a handful of criminals endangering our national security and protects lawful rights and freedoms of Hong Kong people and foreign nationals in the SAR. In the past two years or so since the implementation of the legislation, rule of law in Hong Kong has been earnestly improved and better safeguarded, the SAR’s rule of law index continues to rank top in the world, and foreign investors’ confidence in Hong Kong has been further enhanced. These facts are undeniable. The UK side’s attacks and accusations are purely false and unfounded.

In the name of defending Hong Kong’s rule of law, the British side grossly interferes and undermines Hong Kong’s justice with political maneuvers. This runs counter to the spirit of rule of law, profanes the?legal system, and fully exposes the UK’s hypocrisy and double standards. It has thus been met with widespread opposition and condemnation from Hong Kong’s judicial and legal communities and all sectors of society. Hong Kong is part of China, and Hong Kong’s rule of law will be further consolidated and improved along the track of One Country, Two Systems and the Basic Law. This will not be affected by the departure of certain foreign judges and the smears of certain countries. Whatever cards the British side may play, be it the BNO passport or the leaving of British judges, it cannot hold back Hong Kong’s transition from chaos to stability and prosperity, or China’s resolve in unswervingly implementing the One Country, Two Systems, defending national security and upholding Hong Kong’s rule of law.

We urge the UK to immediately stop its clumsy political stunt and stop its interference in Hong Kong’s affairs and other Chinese internal affairs. Any attempt to disrupt Hong Kong’s law and order and undermine Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability is bound to end in failure.