What Kind of Divorce Lawyers Are Right for You?

It’s never easy when two married people decide to get a divorce. One partner or even both may agree with the decision, but there are still tough emotions to process and practical questions to resolve. 

The issues get compacted when children are involved. Where will the child or children live? Who will make parenting decisions about their health and education? Many divorcees turn to holistic lawyers to amicably settle these questions while advocating for their client’s legal rights. 

Please read on to learn more about what makes holistic family lawyers different and how to consult a skilled lawyer.

Bigger Picture

Some lawyers view the largest settlement possible as the only goal of a divorce proceeding. To them, maximizing their split of the assets and winning as much parenting time as possible may as well be the only objective they pursue. 

To holistic lawyers like those at TailorLaw.com, these key rights are part of a larger picture that also includes your family’s continued happiness and well-being. Divorce proceedings without this perspective can be messy, prolonged, and expensive.

Aggressive lawyers who burn bridges or strain their client’s personal relationships in pursuit of “winning” the trial will lose something precious and irrecoverable, even if they succeed in their aims. 

Children Need Support

Children with divorced parents need structure in their lives and role models so they have healthy examples of love and relationships to follow. Divorced parents may have negative feelings towards each other or even hatred. Still, they need to suspend these feelings, put them aside, and prioritize their children’s needs.

Holistic lawyers help parents navigate these difficulties through complex legal settings. Two parents might agree in theory that they want what’s best for their children but struggle to pin down what their responsibilities and obligations should be. 

Having someone empathetic at your side who understands that your children’s welfare matters while advocating for your legal rights is paramount. You want the best result possible for you and your children, and you want it quickly and inexpensively. Holistic lawyers see this as the goal, so you can move on asap, and your kids can enjoy a happy, structured life.

Sidestep or Minimize the Agony and Expense of Court

Ideally, the divorcing couple come to an agreement that relieves them of the need to go to court, which can be very expensive, prolonged, and stressful. Family lawyers with a holistic approach value what’s best overall for their clients.

The more aggressive family lawyers may opt for going to court if they think they can get a “better” split for their client. Holistic lawyers, in contrast, weigh all the factors leading up to this decision evenly. Considering crucial intangibles, like the potential stress, expenses, and strained relationships of a court trial, helps them arrive at the best outcome possible. 

Every human relationship is unique, and so is the termination of a relationship or divorce. Whether yours is amicable or the opposite, there will still be emotional, practical, and legal challenges to sort out. Get a professional from a boutique firm on your side with a holistic approach to work towards the optimal outcome for your whole family.