WestlawNext Pricing Mystery Begins To Unravel

We can’t comment on the veracity of these figures so we will just point you towards the various blogs, posts and articles on this issue..

This is literally the first post we’ve seen giving specific numbers on research costs.. as we say above? we can’t quote these as fact but at least it should start to paint a clearer picture and actually give prospective users the basis of an arsenal with which to communicate to over enthusiastic sales reps from Westlaw


Webonlinelawdegree.com write the following in a post dated March 31 2010



We (and everyone else) have formerly reported upon a beginnings of a rollout of WestlawNext. Part of a selling beginning was to control “roadshows,” where a Thomson Reuters folks could get a garland of lawyers and/or educational users in a room as well as denote because their brand new product was a self-evident biggest thing given sliced bread.

The roadshows hold progressing this month, as reported by Mark Giangrande during a Law Librarian Blog, began with an proclamation that no questions about pricing would be entertained.

However, in a past integrate of weeks, a little pricing report has come to light. And it?s an eye-opener. Well, a kind of eye-opener that creates we wish to tighten them genuine parsimonious again as well as goal a total thing was a dream.

This post by Greg Lambert during 3 Geeks as well as a Law Blog reveals that sure categories of papers ? specifically, “50 State Surveys” ? can price $3,400 per hour to perspective online. No, we did not review that wrong. $3,400.

Appellate briefs come in a tighten second during $3,300. Those numbers, of course, do not crop up in a pricing request that Lambert links to, that uses a most some-more in accord with sounding total of $56.67 as well as $55 per?