Westlaw World Domination Plan

OK .. it’s only China. But still as plans go it’s a pretty big one.

Published on the Westlaw Blog Thursday is the following post.


Link to the entry to see their introductory videos


Westlaw China Goes Global

China’s booming economy, the expansion of western business operations into the country and China’s developing legal system offer great opportunities to law firms and in-house legal staff who understand China’s importance to the future of their businesses.

With the global launch of Westlaw China, legal practitioners in the U.S. and U.K. now have access to Chinese legal information and accurate translation on a familiar and effective legal research platform.

Westlaw China is up-to-date, practical and conveniently organized into digests, giving attorneys a more complete view of the issues affecting their clients and their business.

“Westlaw China’s successful launch – and its potential as an important resource for global law firms, corporations doing business in China and law schools – is an important step in the growth of Westlaw as a truly global resource,” said Peter Warwick, president and chief executive officer, Thomson Reuters Legal.

In this short video interview, Stephen Yao, president and chief executive officer of Westlaw China, talks about the demand for information on Chinese law in the United States: Link

Justice Anderson also discusses the interest in American law among the people he met, including judges, government officials, and students and law professors at the top five national law schools in China:

Posted by Kevin Hunt, senior communications specialist, Thomson Reuters