Westlaw Launches Beta Blog For Hong Kong Users

This appeared just before Christmas – interesting to see if it develops and becomes a useful resource…

Here’s what they posted to launch the blog on 18 December 2008 .. a lot of what’s to come .. but as far as we can see the blog hasn’t been updated since the initial post


You can find the blog at  http://charleschansoutv.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/welcome-to-westlaw-international/


Welcome to Westlaw International

Posted by soutv on December 18, 2008

Welcome to the new Westlaw HK Blog.

This is a new and free resource for Hong Kong’s legal professionals which we hope will deliver useful, insightful information and updates.

The focus of the blog is to update you on developments in relation to Westlaw and also to provide useful comment on key legal issues. This is intended to be somewhere you can share thoughts and comments which may benefit Hong Kong’s legal profession as a whole. We encourage your participation and comment on articles published in this legal professionals’ network and look forward to ‘linking-up’ with you online.

Advice for Westlaw Users
Our online trainer will also post information on the blog including useful tips as well as Westlaw Newsletters. We will also keep you up to speed on any new product developments coming up and offer invitations to take part in research projects which will help to shape the future of Westlaw HK.

Upcoming Westlaw features will include:

־ Westlaw International Video
־ Taking the stress out of legal research – a fun look at Westlaw
־ and much more…

News & Analysis
Over and above Westlaw Information we will cover specific areas of law including (but not limited to): Civil Justice Reform, Arbitration, Mediation and Competition Law with comment and interviews with solicitors; barristers; law librarians as well as Sweet & Maxwell authors and editors. We will also conduct opinion polls and surveys on topics of importance and present you with our findings.

We will also provide links to relevant content and information in Westlaw HK to help you delve deeper into the topics which interest you the most.

If you are interested in participating in a video or contributing in writing to discuss your thoughts on a particular area of law, or have some suggestions for topics we could cover please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].