Webinar: Ocean for Ecocide Law: coming together to legally protect the ocean

What is missing to prevent severe contamination of & damage to marine ecosystems? Existing environmental protections are often not adhered to or are poorly enforced. Many states and sectors of civil society are speaking out in support of stronger legal frameworks & accountability.

The legal recognition of “ecocide” (severe & either widespread or long-term harm to ecosystems) as a crime at the international level could go a long way to shifting attitudes & guiding behaviour with regard to threats of severe pollution to the Earth’s primary life support system – the ocean.

As a growing group of organisations, changemakers & influencers join forces to support this initiative in a new network Ocean for Ecocide Law, this event will discuss its relevance & benefits in a variety of contexts pertinent to the protection of the ocean, drawing together perspectives from climate-vulnerable states, youth, indigenous, policy-making, law & sustainability leaders.

* Hon. Ralph Regenvanu, Republic of Vanuatu: Minister of Climate Change & Environment.
* Hon. Maria Ohisalo, Republic of Finland: Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.
* Sylvia Earle, Co-Founder of Mission Blue
* Jojo Mehta, Co-Founder & Exec Director, Stop Ecocide International
* Anna van Rebay, Founder of Ocean Vision Legal
* Michelle Bender, Founder Ocean Rights framework
* Mike Smith & Hinekaa Mako, M?ori activists & M?ori development leaders
* Dana Ahmed, Climate & Ocean Advocate, Global Choices Arctic Angel
* Sebastián Losada, Oceans Policy Adviser, Greenpeace

Moderator: Caroline Mair-Toby, Director, Institute for Small Islands

Event partners: Republic of Vanuatu, Stop Ecocide Foundation, Gallifrey Foundation, A Plastic Planet, Earth Law Center, Global Choices, Mana Pacific, Leatherback Project, Youth 4 Ecocide Law, Ocean Vision Legal, Planète Amazone, Alliance of Mother Nature’s Guardians, She Changes Climate, Institute for Small Islands