We always loved this band & always will……”The B-52s “Denounce” Wave of Anti-Trans Laws”

The B-52s, known for their hit song “Love Shack,” released a statement on social media on Wednesday (March 8), denouncing the recent wave of anti-queer and trans bills.



“Dear fellow citizens,

“We, The B-52s, are deeply concentred about the numerous new bills that promote transphobia and discrimination against transgender individuals and drag artists, which have been introduced in the United States. We strongly denounce these bills and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community.

“It is unacceptable that in the 21st century, we are witnessing such blatant attempts to undermine the rights of individuals based on their gender identity and sexual orientation. These bills not only violate the fundamental human rights of the affected individuals but also perpetuate a toxic culture of hate and intolerance that has no place in our society.

“Join us in denouncing these bills and standing in support of our LGBTQ+ community. Together, let us work towards building a society that reflects our shared being and is truly just, inclusive, and welcoming for all.

“With love, The B-52s”

The statement from the B-52s comes in the wake of two recent bills passed in Tennessee by Governor Bill Lee that critics claim to target the Tennessee queer community. Lee says the measures are aimed at protecting children. Lee signed a total ban on gender-affirming healthcare treatments for transgender people. The second law could restrict local public drag performances.

In response to those bills, a recent show in Nashville has been planned, featuring Sheryl Crow, Allison Russell, Jason Isbell, and many more. Read more, HERE.

“As a queer, intersectional artist and mother, raising my child in Nashville, it’s important to me to support these wonderful Tennessee LGBTQIA+ advocacy organizations, working so hard to build bridges, reduce harm and promote equality for all Tennesseans,” Russell said in a press statement. “LGBTQIA+ contributions and creativity are foundational to every genre of modern song and arts performance. I think it speaks volumes that so many in our community are feeling the same call to support, celebrate and uplift.”


The B-52s “Denounce” Wave of Anti-Trans Laws