Washington Post: Lawyer from D.C. mayor’s office who died from coronavirus remembered for his legal mind

The Post reports

As a young lawyer, Rob Hawkins called George Valentine seeking career advice after meeting him for the first time more than a decade ago. Hawkins wasn’t sure Valentine, a veteran deputy attorney general in the District, even remembered him.

Valentine wound up inviting Hawkins to his office, where they talked about “basic career stuff,” Hawkins recalled.

“But coming from somebody like him, it meant a great deal to me just to be able to have that conversation,” said Hawkins, who at the time worked as a legislative aide to then-council member Muriel E. Bowser.

Hawkins was one of many who remembered Valentine’s generosity, intellect and mentorship as they mourned the D.C. lawyer who died Friday of covid-19. Valentine — a longtime lawyer in the D.C. Attorney General’s Office who later worked as a legal adviser to Mayor Bowser — was admitted to a hospital on Wednesday.

Valentine, 66, is the fourth person to die of the novel coronavirus in the District.

Those who worked with Valentine described a stellar attorney who knew the city and its laws. Valentine, who went on to Harvard Law School from a small historically black university in Alabama, dedicated a long career to public service, and mentored young lawyers.

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