Wanted Dead Or Alive: Hong Kong national security police issue HK$1 million bounty each for 8 self-exiled activists

Hong Kong national security police have issued arrest warrants for eight self-exiled activists, including former lawmakers Ted Hui and Dennis Kwok. The Force also offered HK$1 million for each of the wanted people.

The announcement came a week after an editorial in state-owned newspaper Ta Kung Pao cited Article 38 of the national security law, which states that the sweeping legislation applies to people outside the city. It added that China – as a member of International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol – can request international cooperation from member countries to help apprehend fugitives.

Police named ex-lawmakers Ted Hui and Dennis Kwok; activists Nathan Law, Anna Kwok, Elmer Yuen, Mung Siu-tat and Finn Lau; and barrister Kevin Yam as the eight who were wanted.

Chief superintendent of the national security police Steve Li said offering the bounties was not the Force’s way of putting on a show, but was enforcement of the law.

He cited Article 37 and Article 38 of the Beijing-enacted security law, and said Hong Kong police had extraterritorial jurisdiction and the responsibility to pursue individuals based overseas who committed acts endangering the city’s national security. Such powers were stipulated in similar legislations adopted in other countries and regions, he said.


Hong Kong national security police issue HK$1 million bounty each for 8 self-exiled activists