Wang Jing & Co (China) Produce End Of Year China IP Report

We’ve taken to reporting Wang & Jing’s concise pdf reports on IP issues in the PRC. Here’s their end of year round up and links to the full pdf’s….

They write:


Our final issue of the China IP Bulletin in 2008 is always one that we look forward to as it is a chance for us to look back on the year and assess how far we have come. 2008 was the Year of the Rat and in order to survive the twists and turns in the legal environment you certainly needed cunning and the ability to adapt to change. Our IP Group has managed just that and we look forward to another strong performance in 2009, the Year of the Ox.

We turn to our IP experts Peng Kai and Maarten Roos to help us make sense of the ever changing and often unsatisfactory landscape that is compensation for IP cases. Firstly, our article provides the basic principles surrounding compensation and then lays out the current methods for the calculation of compensation for patent, trademark, and copyright dispute cases. Finally, and perhaps most importantly our team of experts describe some alternative measures for relief in IP disputes including; statutory compensation and injunctions.

In our second article we put forth a modest overview for our readers of some of the most interesting cases of 2008. The aim is give a glimpse into how we spend our days and what is being done currently to protect, enforce and register IP rights in China.

Lastly, we have sifted through the ever growing pile of IP news stories and found the most interesting and useful stories for you. Subjects are how the upcoming legislative schedule will consider IPR, a report on the increase in IPR trials, updates on the newly established Patent Review Committee and the ICE IP desk in Guangzhou, a piece on the current AML cases, and Sothebys success in protecting its well-known trademark in China.

We hope the China IP Bulletin is useful and even a little bit entertaining. If you have colleagues who are interested in China-related IP matters, feel free to pass it on. We look forward to hearing from you!

Go to for the Chinese and English versions of the IP Bulletin as well as the full version of their Trademark and Patent Guides.  (English Version)  (Chinese Version)