Wall St Journal Reports The Flip Side Of The Story Below

Obviously it’s a complete re-organisation of  Counsel-Link

As you’ll see a new head honcho combined with bringing jobs to the centre and away from the west coast

Here’s what WSJ is saying about the new bod at Counsel Link (we do like the fact that he came from Waste Management Inc)  Would it be too cruel to say he’s moved from managing one set of  waste to another .. probably

Anyway here’s the press release dressed up as a news story


LexisNexis(R) Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, today announced the appointment of Mike Haysley as director of Strategic Services to its CounselLink(R) business. In his new role, Haysley will draw on nearly two decades of in-house and legal consultation expertise to drive growth and client results for the CounselLink strategic consulting services. His strategic approach to legal management provides corporate legal teams with proven, real world strategies to managing the business side of law through each stage of its maturity cycle.

“The business of law is changing before our eyes,” said Mike Lipps, vice president and general manager of Business of Law Software Solutions (BLSS) for LexisNexis. “Never before have in-house attorneys faced such enormous pressure to control legal costs and do more with less. As a strategic advisor to some of the country’s most complex corporate legal departments, Mike has tackled some of the legal industry’s biggest challenges. We are thrilled to have him on board with the opportunity to extend his leadership and insights to our clients.”

As director of Strategic Services for the CounselLink business, Mike will work closely with executives to advise legal departments on how to improve legal operations and overall results by looking more closely at three critical stages of the strategic services process, including:

— Analysis. Using analytics and data to drive more informed decisions.

— Measurement. Measuring and identifying new opportunities based on best
practices and the unique requirements of each client.

— Execution. Devising and executing an implementation plan to ensure
success and on-going improvement.
“Today’s legal profession is required to operate very much like traditional businesses in terms of spend management and efficiency,” said Haysley. “In my experience, legal departments are often successful in identifying areas of need for controlling costs and streamlining operations, but they struggle with how, when, and with what frequency to take action to turn those opportunities into real long-term wins for their businesses. I am excited to work on the front lines as a strategic partner to our clients and help them uncover new areas of opportunity as their businesses evolve over time.”

Mike joined LexisNexis from Waste Management, Inc., where he served as director of Legal Operations, overseeing spending and management for matters, reporting, budgeting, technology, outside counsel administration, and process improvement efforts on behalf of the company. Prior to that, Mike held consulting roles focused on corporate legal departments with Huron Consulting Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen, and served as an implementation executive with a matter management and spend management vendor.