Volkov Law Group Podcast: Episode 291 — Interview of Mary Shirley on Her New Compliance Book

Mary Shirley, a leading voice in the legal and compliance field, has just released her new book — Living Your Best Compliance Life: 65 Hacks & Cheat Codes to Level Up Your Ethics & Compliance Program.

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Whether you’re a Chief Compliance Officer, team lead or individual contributor, this book is packed with forward-thinking hacks and ideas to improve the effectiveness of your Ethics and Compliance program to build a stronger, winning function, honoring psychological safety. This manifesto for Living Your Best Compliance life contains carefully curated tips and takeaways for optimum impact and immediate action, at low or no investment, because the typical Compliance Officer isn’t flush with funds and tends to make do like a corporate MacGyver (we see you!). Mary Shirley provides detailed instructions while also coaching you to ask the right questions of yourself, and colleagues, to succeed as a well-respected and highly sought after business enabler of the Reputation/Revenue Protection and Preservation Department!




Mary is a well-known advocate, speaker and compliance professional. She regularly speaks at Compliance events. She is mentor to the Compliance Profession.






In this Episode, Michael Volkov and Mary Shirley discuss her new book.