Vincent AI can now generate headnotes and summaries for millions of cases

Expect to see every legal data company tell you they are doing this over the next six months.

Vincent AI, vLex’s award-winning legal research assistant, has recently been enhanced to include a powerful new case analysis feature, which helps you to understand a case at a glance without needing to read the full judgment.

Vincent AI Case Analysis

With only around 20% of cases being reported in many regions around the world, Vincent AI provides automatically generated headnotes on millions of cases to help you interact with more documents, and quickly identify and navigate to the right case. Vincent AI will also read and extract the key legal issue from a judgment to provide you with an intuitive understanding of the issue addressed within the case. Download the guide below to learn more about Vincent AI’s unique features, and understand how the AI-powered assistant can transform your legal research.







V-Lex vincent are first off the blocks publicly – we presume it isn’t going to do a chat gpt!