Vanderbilt Law School introduces new AI Legal Lab

Vanderbilt University Law School has introduced a new AI Legal Lab that will seek to discover how artificial intelligence comes into play with access to justice and rendering legal services.

“AI has the potential to reshape the law and legal services in an unprecedented fashion,” said Chris Guthrie, dean of the law school. “Through this new lab, Vanderbilt Law has a unique opportunity to play a pivotal role in this transformative era.”

The new lab resides within Vanderbilt’s Program on Law & Innovation. It aims to learn how to use AI in a way that enhances how legal services are executed. Through the lab, students will explore how to navigate the new AI landscape, including ethical uses, and fostering partnerships.

In an attempt to make the AI Legal Lab as comprehensive as possible, Vanderbilt Law has collaborated with individuals from the university’s strategic learning programs and computer science department along with external partners.


Vanderbilt Law School introduces new AI Legal Lab