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February Newsletter

Catch up on all of our latest news and announcements, including brand-new product guides for 2023, exclusive company updates, and much more in this month’s newsletter.

Download our new guide to Vincent AI

Are you familiar with our award-winning virtual legal research assistant, Vincent? Designed to help you interact with global legal information, Vincent can improve the quality of your work by ensuring no crucial documents are missed due to human error, and help you save valuable time on legal research activities. Download our brand-new guide to explore Vincent’s capabilities in full.

Explore our new Caribbean legal materials

Following an exciting new partnership with Ian Randle Publishers, we have expanded our existing collection of Caribbean secondary sources with over 40 new books and journals. We are now the only service that offers access to these books alongside the case law that they cite, making research easier and more efficient. Download the new Caribbean guide today to learn more.

Join over 350 law schools now using vLex

Joining our list of recently produced guides is a brand-new, up-to-date guide for academics. Many of the unique products and international collections that we host have been specifically curated with librarians, academics and educational institutions in mind. Download the academic guide today, and discover what’s new in 2023 on our award-winning legal research platform.

We’ve had writing competition entries from 30+ universities

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who entered our writing competition, from over 30 universities around the world. While we continue to read and shortlist these entries, we would also like to thank the competition founder, Matt Terrell, as he continues to support students and prepare them for careers in the legal industry. The shortlist of finalists will be announced on our social media pages soon. Good luck!

User testing opportunities

We want vLex to be as effective and powerful as possible, so we constantly strive to improve the service that we provide. As such, we are on the lookout for vLex users in Ireland who would be happy to help our product team conduct some user testing activities. If you are comfortable sharing your screen on a short Zoom call, while completing some simple research tasks on vLex, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with [email protected] to learn more.

Did you catch us at the Fiji Law Society Conference?

After a lovely break over the festive period, we are delighted to be back attending exciting events and conferences around the world. Last week, members of our Asia-Pacific team attended the Fiji Law Society Conference, meeting friends and customers in person, and watching insightful presentations. If you missed the team, and you would like to learn more about our unique offering within the Asia-Pacific region, you can request more information here.

We started the year with a staff party

At the beginning of last month, some of our UK and Ireland-based team members headed to Hertfordshire in the UK to beat the January blues with a company getaway! Over 40 of us descended on Down Hall Hotel for some team-building activities, before getting dressed up for dinner and a party. If you haven’t already, check out the pictures on our social media pages.

Get involved and follow our new Instagram account

We have created a new Instagram page to keep you updated on all of the new product launches, publishing partnerships, and exciting announcements that we have up our sleeves. You can use this link, or search for us on Instagram using @vlexlegaltech, to follow our page. See you there!

Newsfeed selection

Covering over 100 countries, vLex offers regularly updated news from around the world, alongside updates and commentaries from major law firms. This content is provided by LexBlog, JD Supra and Mondaq, or curated by our expert editorial team.

Paul Weiss Discusses the State of US Antitrust Enforcement at the Beginning of 2023
2022 was an active year for the U.S. federal antitrust enforcement agencies. There were important developments in all key areas of the agencies’ remit, from merger enforcement to civil conduct cases to criminal prosecutions. 2023 may prove to be one of the most consequential for antitrust enforcement in the Biden administration, with the anticipated release of… (See Article)

Further Evolution of the UK Online Safety Bill Removes “Legal, But Harmful” Content Obligations and Increases Children’s Safety Measures
The amended bill aims to safeguard freedom of expression whilst still protecting children and adult users in the online environment. By Gail E. Crawford, Deborah J. Kirk, Alain Traill, and Victoria Wan The Online Safety Bill (the Bill) was introduced by the UK government on 17 March 2022. The Bill aims to impose obligations on… (See Article)

Oil Emergency Contingency and Transfer of Renewable Transport Fuels Functions Bill
New legislation has been developed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to strengthen the Irish government’s ability to respond to a curtailment of oil supplies. Ministers have approved the publication of the Oil Emergency Contingency and Transfer of Renewable Transport Fuels Functions Bill 2022, which will put all aspects of oil emergency planning on a statutory footing. View here.

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