Using Boutique & Small Firms For Personal Injury Cases

There are a number of different approaches that personal injury law firms may take when their  injury claims solicitor  decides how they choose to handle clients and individual cases.

Yes, it is true that some people may be attracted to the larger law firms due to the perceived availability of more resources. But there can be  plenty of drawbacks to hiring a personal injury partner or lawyer at a larger  firm, who are sometimes referred to as “settlement mills.”

A settlement mill is  generally a larger law firm that tends to  focus on building a client base as large as possible and most important to them is closing cases as quickly as possible. The settlement mill firm’s  ultimate goal is to recover a settlement for the client as quickly as possible in order to minimize the cost of handling the claim and therefore not always in the best interest of the client

Insurance companies are particularly fond of the settlement mill approach because they understand that the primary objective for these types of law firms is to close a case and collect on the settlement as quickly as possible.

These larger  firms survive by handling claims that insurance companies would most likely have paid to their customers already, and taking a portion of it.

Boutique and smaller firms, on the other hand are only interested in handling cases in which they believe that overall value for clients will be maximized.

The focus remains on the client and the case with a specialized injury claims solicitor working for you.

Award winning USA “Super Lawyer” Matthew Dolman writing in an article in 2016 reveals … Settlement mills do their clients a vast disservice by attempting to mass produce settlements as opposed to working claims up to their full value.  Ironically, settlement mills often take far longer to resolve claims.  This may be due in part to the lack of attention paid to individual files by attorneys as the cases fall under the purvey of a paralegal or law clerk

Small is beautiful as we all know and the same should apply to your injury claims solicitor.

To know more and search for these solicitors and firms, you may check out the official website of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.