USC Gould launches LL.M. specializations in business law, media and entertainment law

The USC Gould School of Law will launch in Fall 2024 two Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees: the LL.M. in Business Law and the LL.M. in Media and Entertainment Law.

Franita Tolson, dean of USC Gould School of Law, said employers place considerable value on staffing talent with a blend of interdisciplinary skills and focused expertise.

“Our new programs in entertainment and business law reflect our commitment to providing innovative education that prepares our graduates to tackle the complex challenges of tomorrow’s legal world with confidence,” she said.

USC Gould will equip graduates from these two new programs with essential knowledge of complex business-driven regulations and critical legal parameters tied to new and emerging media.

The LL.M. degrees will be supported by coursework in U.S. common law and topics such as antitrust, artificial intelligence, corporate governance, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions and music law.

In the LL.M. in Business Law, students will explore a broad range of relevant business law issues, including negotiating and facilitating transactions, trending issues relevant to business advising of startup companies and venture capital firms, and understanding core issues such as taxation and bankruptcy.

In the LL.M. in Media and Entertainment Law, students will gain the knowledge necessary to be a competitive candidate in the entertainment field, with coursework designed to build negotiation and contract drafting skills, as well as a deeper understanding of niche industries, including music, sports and video game law.

USC Gould’s on-campus and online LL.M. degrees offer an immersive, flexible curriculum that prepares both international and U.S. students for leadership roles in law.

Students may obtain general or specialized degrees that include mandatory courses in law alongside electives that address specific areas of interest.

Students in USC Gould LL.M. degree programs will also benefit from academic advising, professional development and networking opportunities available from the University of Southern California.

The LL.M. in Business Law and the LL.M. in Media and Entertainment Law are one-year, 24-unit degree programs offered on campus on a full-time basis, open to anyone with a law degree (J.D., LL.B. or equivalent).

Pending American Bar Association approval, these LL.M. degrees are open for enrollment in the fall or spring semester.