USA: State Bill May Allow Lawyers to Carry Guns in Courtroom

Dumb ideas of the world !!!!


bill passed in the Kentucky Legislature that would allow all licensed attorneys to conceal-carry firearms in courtrooms statewide is being met with some opposition.

The amendment added to House Bill 690 on March 25 by Republican State Senator Johnnie Turner would extend not only to all licensed attorneys, but also the attorney general.

The bill passed unanimously in the State House and by a 33-1 margin, with the lone “no” vote coming from Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey. He called the bill “insane.”

“On a very innocuous bill, House Bill 690, they put a senate floor amendment on it,” McGarvey told Newsweek. “The discussion on the floor was incredibly vague. I honestly don’t think many legislators on both sides knew what was in the bill.”

He said numerous bills were debated last Tuesday and Wednesday and he attempted to signal to his caucus in real time.

“This is an insane law. I am a practicing attorney,” he said. “This allows any licensed attorney to carry a gun anywhere they want to in a courthouse. It’s so broad that judges cannot prohibit weapons from being in their courtroom.”

If the amendment becomes law, McGarvey questioned what would happen if an individual who is also an attorney is going through divorce proceedings and is armed during them. Victims of domestic violence could remain fearful in courtrooms, he added.

Turner said on the Senate floor that his amendment aims to “just clear up some things that add the Attorney General and Attorney General employees along with other licensed judicial people.”