USA: Mark Dotson, law professor at Western Michigan University…. Vaccine mandates are legal

WNEM reports…

Some businesses and schools are mandating employees and students get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The reason why people can mandate, why they can implement safety aspects or precautions is because they have the right to do so. That’s just the right a business has,” said Mark Dotson, law professor at Western Michigan University.

Dotson said the mandates are legal, no matter where they come from.

“State institutions pretty much have the liberty then to do whatever they need, deem fit to, to protect the environment upon which they provide academic services,” Dotson said.

Recently, Baker College announced its health students working externally must be vaccinated in order to go to school. The college told TV5 this is in line with many of its partners. It’s also, Dotson said, completely within the college’s rights.

“Because if for some reason someone on that campus became infected by a virus or infected by anyone else that was an employee of that institution, then that potentially could reach into a lawsuit against the institution,” Dotson said.

If your employer mandates you get the vaccine, you might not have many options.

“Yeah, you have a choice not to have a vaccination, and the employer has the choice, has the right also not to hire you,” Dotson said.