USA: Librarian, 68, Alleges Police Pulled Her Out of Vehicle by the Hair and Tore Her Rotator Cuff After Traffic Stop

Well done that librarian . Let’s share this amongst all librarians on the planet and get some support for Stephanie Bottom

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A 68-year-old Black librarian from Georgia has filed a civil rights lawsuit against police officers over a traffic stop gone awry.

Stephanie Bottom was admittedly going 10 miles over the speed limit on May 30, 2019 in North Carolina. Traveling north on I-85, she eventually “noticed the blue lights of a Sheriff Deputy’s vehicle” and “began looking for a safarea to pull over,” according to her lawsuit filed in federal court on Wednesday.

But she didn’t immediately comply, the lawsuit says, because she “feared the police and did not want to pull off on the side of the road along the interstate.”

The situation quickly spiraled downhill.

“Defendant officers became frustrated with Plaintiff when she did not pull over quickly enough,” the lawsuit alleges. “While following behind Plaintiff, Defendant [DevinBarkalow made statements recorded by his body camera that Plaintiff was a ‘fucking retard’ and ‘douche bag.’ He exclaimed that this was an ‘exciting chase,’ and he was ‘at the edge of my seat.’”

Another officer sped ahead and “used spike strips to immobilize” Bottom’s vehicle, the lawsuit notes, causing her to finally stop on the interstate’s median. Officers Barkalow and Adam Bouk and Deputy Mark Benfield then quickly approached with their guns drawn.

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