USA: Fired Linfield University professor files lawsuit, alleging illegal retaliation

A Linfield University professor has sued the McMinnville-based institution after being fired for publicizing alleged sexual harassment and anti-Semitic incidents involving university leadership.

Linfield fired English professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner in April, after he had publicly shared allegations of sexual harassment against top university board members and the president, Miles Davis, as well as alleged anti-Semitic comments from Davis.

Pollack-Pelzner’s lawsuit argues the professor’s firing violates protections for whistleblowers against retaliation, as well as breaching the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act, “which prohibits employers from restricting employees’ ability to communicate about sexual harassment and assault,” according to a statement from the professor’s legal team, announcing the suit.

Linfield University officials responded to the suit Monday, pushing back against Pollack-Pelzner’s legal step and the allegations behind them.