USA: Federal Judge Says In NY Times Op-Ed That Alito’s Attutude Towrads Flag Flying Is Dumb

To put it bluntly, any judge with reasonable ethical instincts would have realized immediately that flying the flag then and in that way was improper. And dumb.

Flying those flags was tantamount to sticking a ‘Stop the Steal’ bumper sticker on your car. You just don’t do it.

— Senior Judge Michael Ponsor of the District of Massachusetts, in an op-ed published by the New York Times, where he calls out Justice Samuel Alito for flying an upside-down American flag at his home and an Appeal to Heaven flag at his Jersey Shore beach house. Ponsor went on to say that such flags could be “viewed by a great many people as a banner of allegiance on partisan issues that are, or could be, before the court.”