USA: Californian Responds to Gun Seizure by Sending Judges Death Threats

Amy Coney Barrett lamented that being a judge isn’t the D-list celebrity gig it used to be. Her cursing the limelight likely has to do with the poor media coverage she’s gotten for not knowing the First Amendment and being a partisan hack, but scrutiny comes with being a public servant. You do things people don’t like and criticism is likely to follow. Hell, most judges have their emails online at this point. Even you could reach out! Email once, that’s fine. Email twice, that’s okay. Email 400 times and you should expect some sort of legal action, Jonathan. From Bloomberg Law:

A Los Angeles man is accused of emailing hundreds of threatening messages to New Jersey judges and other officials, one including a picture of a shotgun with a winking emoticon.

Jonathan Lipman was indicted Monday in the United States District Court for the Central District of California for allegedly harassing and threatening Garden State judges in an effort to get back at a legal system that imposed a protective order against him after he made threats on Facebook. He’s accused of violating 18 U.S.C. § 875 (c), a federal provision criminalizing threats over interstate communication.

This guy needs better friends! Somebody in his circle, lawyer or not, should have advised him that threatening judges should not be high on the priority list after getting in trouble for threatening people on Facebook. Also, can we talk logistics here? What’s the point of threatening someone with a gun when you’re literally across the country? It’s clown shoes. You’d have had a better chance of making good on that threat by hooking up a bluetooth device to one of these:



USA: Californian Responds to Gun Seizure by Sending Judges Death Threats