USA: ABA Launches National Disaster Relief Pro Bono Portal

Justice technology firm Paladin have partnered with the ABA groups to give lawyers ready access to pro bono opportunities reports Above the Law……

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread devastation both directly and indirectly across the country, attorneys are already expressing their interest in offering their services to help those impacted. Paul Weiss is clocking tremendous pro bono time right now. But one of the challenges of pro bono work that no one ever talks about is the difficulty of finding a pro bono cause to take up.

Part of the lack of resources to hire counsel is the lack of resources to get noticed by counsel. And while the need is always great, that’s also part of the problem — there are often too many voices calling out for attorneys to find the right cause for their skill set.

The American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division’s Disaster Legal Services Program — and, yes, they officially abbreviated themselves as the mouthful “ABA YLD DLS” — is a joint project from the Young Lawyers Division with justice-focused technology firm Paladin to create an online portal to connect attorneys with those who need help.

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