US Recruiter Lateral Link Surveys Law Firm Severence Packages In The US

Pundits say our region is the next to feel the shock of the slowdown in the same way as the  Brits and the Americans….

It seems that the legal industry in the Asia Pacific region, has, so far, got off quite lightly.

AALE notes that over the past few weeks we’ve seen some jockeying by some more senior partners as they either move into senior corporate counsel positions or jump ship to work with partnerships that they feel might ride the recession better than those they are currently in.

For some of you though it could well be the taxi driver option.

So.. we thought you might be interested in this survey undertaken by US legal recruiter Lateral Link who have just received 900 + responses to their survey on how much severance and notice your firms have been giving laid off associates, and how the firms should be handling the slowdown.

They write:

Overall, only about a third of respondents thought that their firms were handling the slowdown well, but about the same number thought their firms were handling the slowdown poorly. The rest thought their firms were just doing "so-so."

When asked how firms should handle the slowdown, associates responded with a pretty consistent line of thinking

See the full report written by Justin Bernold  a Director at Lateral Link  on the Above The Law site