US Real Estate Scam Lawyer Who Got Two Years Is Allowed To Practice Again Says CT State Bar Board

Ok?  If you say so … let’s hope he doesn’t get up to his old tricks

BRIDGEPORT — A Trumbull lawyer who served more than two years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court for a long-running real estate scam that cost lenders more than $3.6 million, has been reinstated to the state bar.

A panel of Superior Court judges Barry Stevens, Thomas Welch and Eugene Calistro Jr. ruled that, based on the state Supreme Court’s so-called “Ganim Factors,” Maurizio Lancia is entitled to practice law in the area again.

In 2014, the state Supreme Court, in rejecting Mayor Joe Ganim’s application for admission to be a lawyer again, listed several factors to be considered for readmission to the bar. These factors include moral fitness; acceptance of wrongdoing with sincerity and honesty and nature and seriousness of original misconduct.



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It even got reported by the NY Times.

In granting Lancia reinstatement, the three-judge panel ordered Lancia to serve a three-year probation and appointed local lawyer Lee DeFusco to keep tabs on him.