US Lawyer Becomes Tik Tok Star

American lawyer, Anthony Barbuto, is a social media sensation. With over 1.2 million fans on the smartphone media app, Tik Tok, Anthony challenges stereotypes of lawyers through the creation of short videos that are an exuberant mixture of comedy, dancing and lip singing says the press release


Known as @thelawyer on Tik Tok, Anthony’s fans commonly report enjoying the humorous contrast of seeing an attorney dancing across his law office. According to Anthony, the legal profession is one of the most criticized and disliked professions out there, and to combat this, through his videos, Anthony demonstrates that lawyers can in fact be wholesome, passionate and light-hearted, even in the workplace. Anthony defies traditional stereotypes of attorneys by injecting his videos with humor, verve, and fun.

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By presenting the law as a more fun and inviting profession, Anthony has inspired countless young people to pursue a career as a lawyer, or other serious profession where exhibiting humor in the workplace has historically been considered taboo. While functioning as a role model for the youth, Anthony also inspires adults to approach their lives more joyfully and enthusiastically. He succinctly articulates his mission statement as follows: “My goal is to not only balance the stresses of the workplace with light-hearted fun, but also to inspire young people and encourage them never to lose their sense of humor.”

Because of his appeal to a wide range of ages, Anthony is uniquely poised in the social media world. His niche on social media is at the confluence of many disparate demographic groups, and outside of Tik Tok, Anthony has developed a following as a blogger of authentic Italian culture ( where he is known as @italianenthusiast on both Instagram and Facebook. Anthony, therefore, draws from an eclectic mix of cultural styles when creating his videos – everything from hip hop to country western to Italian. This crossover versatility is an important part of Anthony’s brand.

By garnering such a massive following in a brief amount of time, Anthony has attracted the notice of Tik Tok corporate, who has recognized him as a Popular Creator. His role as a Creator gives him the opportunity to thought partner with other innovative social media mavens on one of the most downloaded apps of all time (over 1 billion downloads as of February 2019).

Aside from Anthony’s social media interests, he is licensed to practice law in Florida, California and New Jersey, and runs a busy general practice in Wellington, Florida ( He also runs a class action practice (, and is currently exploring the representation of clients for losses relating to cryptocurrency investments.

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