Update: China Law on Reddit

We thought this might be of interest to some of you.. turned up in our inbox yesterday

Dear All,

Jeremy Daum over at China Law Translate started a Reddit feed for all articles about China law (in English or Chinese) that people find interesting.  This has been a great way to get up to speed quickly on what articles are out there that are really interesting.  While Twitter often serves that purpose, unlike with Twitter, you don’t have to read people’s 146 character musings.  I have been finding the Chinalaw Reddit feed to be really cool.

But the reddit feed requires participation, which I encourage everyone to do.  Reddit is not the most user friendly site (in my opinion).  So here are a few tips I learned in using reddit:

(1) If all you want is the Chinalaw feed (which is known as a “subreddit” and not what is the most popular on Reddit (which sometimes can be scary), you have to remove the other feeds/subreddits from your home page and you have to sign up for the Chinalaw feed/subreddit.
(2) To post articles or comments, on the right hand side, you either press submit a new link (for articles) or Submit a new text post (for comments).
(3) Reddit has a variety of mobile apps so download on to your phone.  I use reddit is fun.  Most articles have a reddit button so you can directly post to reddit.

I hope this helps people.  I know some people have expressed frustration in using reddit.  Jeremy is doing this Chinalaw subreddit as a “trial run” through April 15.  If not enough people participate, likely the subreddit will be closed.



Elizabeth M. Lynch
China Law & Policy

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