UNLV Law School and Entain Launch Executive Online Training Program on Gaming Laws and Regulations

In cooperation with Entain, UNLV William S Boyd Law School Announced to launch an online training program for operators, regulators, lawyers and others working inside and outside the gaming industry.

From March 1st, classes will be designed and taught by instructors with decades of professional gaming and educational experience. A doctoral degree in law or a law degree required to practice law in the international market is not required for students to enroll.

Alongside Entain, the Las Vegas-based university acknowledges that “the need for talented and knowledgeable regulatory and operational professionals is increasing,” and four new complements to current gaming law and regulatory courses. I have developed a course.

The first courses offered are:

  • Overview of Gaming Laws and Regulations – UNLV was taught by William S. Boyd Law School’s prominent Fellow of Gaming Law, Anthony Cabot.
  • Casino Management and Law – Taught by William Buffalo, who has over 30 years of legal experience in hospitality and casino entertainment.
  • Introducing Indian Game Law – Prominent Fellow of UNLV International Game Regulation Center, Catherine Land, Professor of Law Floyd B. Sperry, Former Dean of Law, Steve Wright, Professor of Political Science and Public Administration, UND College of Business and Former Interim Dean of Public Administration.
  • Player Accountability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Gaming Law – Alan Feldman, Responsible Gaming Fellow of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute (IGI), and a lawyer and national expert on where criminal justice and gaming intersect. It was taught by a Dayvid Figler.