University Of Queensland’s Law School Cuts Student Numbers “To Refocus On A More Personalised Learning Experience”

Australia’s Lawyer’s Weekly reports that TC Beirne School of Law has decided to cut student numbers capping at 185 per year

The report reveals

A “refocus” for legal education at the University of Queensland has been unveiled, with the annual intake for its law school reduced to afford its undergraduate cohort a more personalised learning experience.

According to the dean of law at the University of Queensland, the TC Beirne School of Law has taken recent steps “to create a more personalised, innovative and world-leading experience for students”.

Professor Sarah Derrington explained that to achieve this, UQ’s law school had cut its student intake numbers with a view to creating a smaller class learning environment.

“Among the changes are a significantly reduced annual student intake and an emphasis on small group teaching,” Professor Derrington said.

The university capped its 2017 undergraduate enrolment numbers to 185 students – a cut of 55 undergraduate law spots from the two years prior, when UQ welcomed 240 new law students respectively.

In 2014, the intake number of students at Queensland’s leading university was 325, meaning that those accepted into the undergraduate law course this year make up just over 56 per cent of the total from three years ago.