Ukraine Security Service serves notice of suspicion on pro-Russian lawyer turned member of occupation “government” in Kherson

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has served a notice of suspicion on Valentyn Rybin, ex-lawyer of Medvedchuk [pro-Russian politician and businessman] and Sharii [pro-Russian videoblogger and journalist], who became a member of the occupation “government of the Russian Federation” in Kherson Oblast after the full-scale invasion.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine (SSU)

Quote: “The SSU served notice of suspicion to Medvechuk and Sharii?s ex-lawyer, who got a job in the occupation ‘government of the Russian Federation’ in Kherson Oblast.

The SSU has collected evidence against collaborator Valentyn Rybin, who now heads the Organisational and Legal Department of the Ministry of Information Policy of Kherson Oblast of the Russian Federation.”

Details: At the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion, Rybin left Ukraine and from abroad started urging Ukrainians to “stop resisting the invaders” on social media.

Later, he arrived in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson Oblast, where he got a job with the leadership of the local occupation administration of the Russian Federation.

In this position, Rybin fulfils Moscow’s tasks to strengthen the occupation regime in the occupied oblast through mass distribution of Kremlin propaganda.

In addition, the collaborator became a member of the pro-Putin United Russia party and tried to run for the so-called “Legislative Assembly of Kherson Oblast” in the autumn of 2023.

SSU investigators served Rybin with notice of suspicion under Art.111-1.5 (collaboration) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Since the collaborator is located in the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine, comprehensive measures are being taken to bring him to justice for crimes against the state.