This is the biggest news in legal bookselling for quite some time we’d suggest . The Press release has just come on and we’ll be seeing if we can get some further comments during the week.

Here’s the press release to start us off

Wildy & Sons (Wildy) and John Smith Group are pleased to announce that Wildy has acquired Hammicks from the JS Group.


Established in 1830, Wildy & Sons is a respected, family-owned company specialising in the supply of law books, periodicals, loose-leaf works and subscriptions.  Operating from premises in Lincoln’s Inn, London, the experienced Wildy team provides an excellent level of customer service and expert knowledge. The combined businesses and resources will enable them to invest in the people, systems and services that make a difference and underpin the customer service ethos that is central to both businesses.

The acquisition of Hammicks will enable Wildy to form the foremost, independent legal content provider in the UK.


John Sinkins, Chairman of Wildy & Sons added, “Legal bookselling and publishing occupies a specialist niche within the industry and a specialist knowledge. Unfortunately these days, customers rarely have the time just to browse. So rather, they seek sound and unbiased advice.”


He continued “The same applies remotely albeit by phone, email or online from barristers’ chambers and law firms not only within the UK but around the world.  Online suppliers may often be competitive on price, particularity with higher education publications, but despite their multimillion-pound automated systems are unable to offer such a specialist service, particularly when it comes to subscriptions, journals, loose-leaf and supplemented titles.

“Other booksellers and agents over the years have been supplier-facing, attempting to squeeze the best discounts to increase their margins. We have always been customer facing. Without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business.


I believe that the acknowledged reputation and skills that Hammicks bring to the enlarged company from the trade side, will dovetail well with the Wildy customer philosophy.

I hope and believe that our high level of service standards, which are frequently recognised by awards within our industry, will be of a great benefit to former Hammicks customers as we seek to consolidate our position as the leading independent supplier of law books worldwide.”




About Wildy

Established in 1830, Wildy & Sons is an independent, family-owned company specialising in the supply of law books, periodicals, loose-leaf works and subscriptions.