UK: Wales is set to ditch All remaining Covid laws on March 28 and ‘gradually’ end free tests

The Daily Mail

Wales could be free of all Covid restrictions by the end of the month under plans expected to be unveiled by its First Minister.

Mark Drakeford is expected to announce Wales will remain at alert level zero for the next three weeks.

But legal requirements could go on March 28 following a review on March 24, if the public health situation remains stable.

Wales has been among the most cautious of the home nations in keeping coronavirus restrictions in place.

But last night Mr Drakeford admitted it has reached a ‘significant moment in this pandemic’, adding: ‘We can look to the future with growing confidence that the next year will be one in which we have a different relationship with the virus.’

The new approach will see free Covid LFTs phased out with ‘universal and routine symptomatic and asymptomatic testing and the requirement to self-isolate’ replaced by ‘a more targeted approach aimed at vulnerable people’. This will bring it into line with measures in place in England.

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