UK Telegraph Obituary: Julian Clark, maritime lawyer who also pursued rock music and became a druid – obituary

Julian Clark, who has died aged 60, was a maritime lawyer, a druid and a musician.

He started singing along to his brother’s LP collection from the age of seven and became a church chorister, but he missed the opportunity of a scholarship to Lincoln Cathedral School when his parents refused to let him leave home. He joined his brother’s band at the age of 13 as a keyboard player, playing pubs and clubs across the Midlands, northern England and Scotland.

Having read law at university he left England to work in Greece and Turkey, returning to Newcastle in 1990 where he performed in Percy Screams, and when this group broke up, he founded his own band called the J?J Clark Band. J?J?C?B had some minor success in the North and in London, and released a four track EP. After J?J?C?B and a patch-up band failed, Clark formed a covers band which played on cruise ships, cross-Channel ferries and on the international hotel circuit, including a year in Beijing.

In 1997 that band failed and Clark, now back in London, became lead singer in a succession of groups including the soul band Soul Traders, the R ’n’ B band 80 Stone O Boogie, a covers band Crocodile Thong, a funk outfit Dr Funkenstein & The Chapel of Soul, before forming Love Street.

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